Radical CUNTS

Radical College Undergraduates Not Tolerating Sexism is a Columbia/Barnard student group that aims to fight sexist oppression from an intersectional perspective. This means that we understand that issues of gender cannot be understood without an analysis of the way gender intersects with race, class, sexuality, religion, and all other forms of identity. Our aim is to provide a space in which we can discuss these issues and mobilize around them.

We are officially affiliated with the IRC (Intercultural Resource Center), which is run under the umbrella of the OMA (Office of Multicultural Affairs).
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Sister Citizen: Shame Stereotypes and Black Women in America with Melissa Harris-Perry

 MSNBC commentator, columnist for The Nation, and Professor of Political Science at Tulane University, where she serves as founding director of the Project on Gender, Race, and Politics in the South, Melissa Harris - Perry examines black women’s political and emotional responses to pervasive negative race and gender images in her new book, Sister Citizen. With wit and family anecdotes, Harris - Perry elaborates on how the shared struggle to preserve an authentic self and secure recognition as a citizen links black women together in America. 

A must watch (and, judging from the video, a must read)!

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